My Rating Scale

Here is a basic description of my rating scale. Like many other readers, I rate my books on a 5 star scale. Since many people use this scale, but most probably have different criteria for rating, here is a breakdown of how I rate them.

5/5-I couldn’t put it down, can’t stop thinking about it! I would say these books are MUST READS! I would recommend these books to anyone.

4/5- I Loved it. Will definitely reread! There may have been some places that dragged out for me, or parts I wasn’t a huge fan of, but nothing too terrible. I would recommend to most people.

3/5 It was alright, had to make myself read at times but it picked up and I finished reading with a happy, satisfied feeling. I would recommend to certain types of readers, or readers of specific genres.

2/5- Not my style, I had to make myself finish reading. This might be a good book for someone else, just not for me. I would recommend to very specific groups of readers.

1/5-How did this get published? I can’t imagine anyone liking this book. Wouldn’t recommend at all.