Who am I? Well I’m glad you asked…

Do you want to hear all about books and get great reviews? I thought so. While reading two to three books per weeks is fun, it also gives me a great opportunity to share what books are worth the time and energy and which ones you are better off without. Why waste your time on books that are not up to par? If just discussing books is more of what you are interested in, that’s fine too. I love to discuss books! Feel free to give me a shout out in my contact us page.

Growing up I loved to read but didn’t really know it. I never put enough time into reading but when I found a book I loved, I wouldn’t put it down. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I rediscovered that love and spent my time finding “the good books”. I started reading and soon I couldn’t stop. In 2015 I joined Goodreads reading challenge for the first time. I set a goal to read 50 books by the end of the year. I surpassed my goal and read 65! I read more books that year than I had in my entire life. So began the addiction, my 2016 reading goal is 75 books and I am on track to surpass that as well.

I decided that reading alone isn’t enough anymore. I want to talk about books and help those people who need a recommendation on the next book they should read. I don’t want other people to get in the rut of not knowing what to read so they just don’t read anything. Reading is way too much fun for that to happen!