Book Review! The Cow Said Neigh! Picture Book: A Farm Story by Rory Feek


Title: The Cow Said Neigh! Picture Book: A Farm Story

Author: Rory Feek 

Rating: 4/5
Release Date: 
October 2, 2018

Description from Goodreads: From New York Times bestseller Rory Feek, one half of the singing duo Joey+Rory, comes The Cow Said Neigh!, a fun and humorous tale of farm animals who wish they were like the other animals . . . which leads to a farm-full of confusion! This delightful book will be a family favorite for years to come.

The Cow Said Neigh! is the story of some peculiar farm animals who wish they were like other animals on the farm. The cow wants to run free like a horse, the sheep wants a snout like a pig, the dog wants to be inside like the cat. Soon the entire farm is in chaos!

With silly farm animal sounds, clever rhymes, and adorable art, The Cow Said Neigh! will have kids of all ages laughing out loud as they celebrate the unique strengths in each of us.

This delightful picture book is sure to be read time and time again.”

Review: This book is absolutely adorable, perfect for children up to about 5 years old. The silliness of this story will have your child laughing in no time, but it has an important message that all kids should learn early, that it’s always better to be exactly who you are.

The pictures are adorable and very well illustrated. They match the story so well that my younger children are able to follow along with the story simply by looking at the pictures.

I grew up on a farm and I want my children to experience that same sense of wonder and joy that I did, even if they live in the city. I love that this story has humor thrown in for a light and fun bedtime story.

This is a book my kids will be requesting to be read many times before bed, and it’s so adorable and funny, I don’t even mind.

 Recommendation: I recommend this book to any parent, grandparent, guardian, or babysitter. This is perfect for those little ones who love animals and stories.

*I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.*

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