A Gathering in Hope by Philip Gulley-Review

Title: A Gathering in Hope
Philip Gulley
Release Date: 
September 6, 2016

Description from Goodreads: Bestselling author Philip Gulley offers humorous, small-town storytelling as he follows the foibles and follies of Pastor Sam Gardner.

Thanks to an unexpected windfall, Sam Gardner’s congregation (with the exception of a few malcontents) is eager to expand their meetinghouse. But before building can commence, the County Environmental Board and the Department of Natural Resources put the quietus on the plan.
A colony of endangered Indiana bats have made the tree beside the meetinghouse, and the meetinghouse attic, their place of hanging, mating, and living, which poses a big problem for the congregation. Aside from the fact that their fanged visitors are engaging in sinful acts on church property, until these bats leave for hibernation, Hope Friends Meeting is left without a gathering place. And when an over-zealous Leonard Fink takes matters into his own hands, he may even land himself–and Sam–in jail.”

Review: I did not care for this book at all. The characters were all annoying and I didn’t like any of them. This is the first of the series that I read so maybe it would have been better if I started at the beginning but after this one, I have no desire to read the others. Sam, a preacher, is extremely negative and worries about everything. I know that this is probably something that even preachers struggle with in real life but I would much rather read about ones that could be more of an example for me. In addition, he seems to let the others control his opinion on projects and doesn’t seem to want to get completely involved in his church. In addition, the entire congregation of this church seemed to be at odds with each other and acted like conniving brats.

This might be the kind of story some people enjoy, it’s just not one that I would ever read again.

 *I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.*



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