Redeeming Grace by Jill Eileen Smith-Review


Title: Redeeming Grace
 Jill Eileen Smith
Release Date: 

Goodreads Summary: When famine visits Bethlehem, Boaz holds out hope for rain while his relative Elimelech moves his wife Naomi and their sons to Moab. For a while, it appears the Lord is blessing Elimelech’s family, and his sons marry two lovely Moabite women. But calamities strike, one after another, leaving Naomi alone in a foreign land with only her childless daughters-in-law for comfort. When news reaches Naomi that the famine in Bethlehem has lifted, only Ruth will hazard the journey to her mother-in-law’s homeland. Destitute and downhearted, Naomi resigns herself to a life of bitter poverty, but Ruth holds out hope for a better future. And Boaz may be the one God has chosen to provide it.

Combining meticulous research with her endless imagination, Jill Eileen Smith gorgeously renders one of the most beautiful stories in Scripture. Readers will adore this third installment of the inspiring Daughters of the Promised Land series.

Review: This book was fantastic. It made the story of Ruth and Naomi more personal and relatable. It was heartbreaking to really think about the pain they experienced. Even though it is a story we all know, it was very different when we put it in a different context and give more thought to what their lives were like before. It is easy to just read through the Bible and just move on, but I think we owe it to ourselves to really think about these people, and this was a fabulous way to do it.

Though this is a work of fiction, it seemed really well researched.. Even though we don’t know Ruth or Naomi’s background or the history of the family from the Bible, this seems to be a reasonable scenario.

I was actually hooked on this from the beginning. Knowing what was going to happen didn’t take away the suspense at all for me. I couldn’t put it down and now I have to go back and read the Book of Ruth to compare and contrast!

Recommendation: I recommend this book to anyone! I think especially Christian women would enjoy this book.

*I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.*



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