An Uncommon Courtship by Kristi Ann Hunter-Review


Title:  An Uncommon Courtship 
Kristi Ann Hunter    
Release Date: 
January 3, 2017

Description from Goodreads: “When her mother’s ill-conceived marriage trap goes awry, Lady Adelaide Bell unwittingly finds herself bound to a stranger who ignores her. Lord Trent Hawthorne, who had grand plans to marry for love, is even less pleased with the match. Can they set aside their first impressions before any chance of love is lost?”

Review: This is the third book in the Hawthorne House Series, however, you wouldn’t have to read any of the other books to enjoy this one. This series focus’ on a different member of the Hawthorne family for each book and although they do overlap, there isn’t any information in the previous books you really NEED for the next book.

I read the second book in this series, An Elegant Façade, and I really liked it so I was excited to read this book. Wow, this book totally surpassed the second one. I absolutely love this book and it is probably in my top 10 favorite books now. There were many places that I literally laughed out loud, at one point I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. Reading about the men of the Hawthorne family was wonderfully different than reading about the women.

I was hooked on this book from the first few pages and didn’t want to put it down. Usually I am able to pick up and put down this type of book and just enjoy it in the evenings, this book on the other hand, I read all day and when I had to put it down, I could not wait to be able to read again.

The characters evolved throughout the book and the story just kept getting better and better. Adelaide is so relatable for me. She is clumsy and always seems to find a way to mess up her appearance in some small way, something I have also mastered. All of the characters were well developed and felt so real. I am amazed at how well this book was written; the writing is so vivid you really feel like you are there.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to anyone, but anyone who loves historical romance will enjoy this the most. For me, reading historical romance depends on the book and my mood, this book however, I love.


Author Q & A

About the Author: Kristi Ann Hunter graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in computer science but always knew she wanted to write. Kristi is the author of the Hawthorne House series and a 2016 RITA Award winner and Christy Award finalist. She lives with her husband and three children in Georgia. Find her online at

*I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.*



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