Review: Larger-Than-Life-Lara

Title: Larger-Than-Life-Lara

Author: Dandi Daley Mackall

Rating: 5/5

Description from Goodreads:  “When Lara Phelps walks into Laney Grafton’s fourth-grade class, Laney feels the air change. Lara is fat. Really fat. Finally, there will be someone else for the boys to pick on, Laney thinks. But as the class prepares for the school play, Lara doesn’t act the way a fat kid should. She’s confident. She’s happy. And nothing, it seems, can change her positive attitude. Until one day, when Laney’s classmates do the unthinkable. Bestselling author Dandi Daley Mackall tells this original and poignant story through the use of sparkling language, a winsome narrator, and a clever structure that illustrates just what makes a story a story.

 Review: This is an exceptional story for young readers. Told by a 10 year old, this story is short and easy to read, plus children around that age group will be able to relate to these characters.

This book covers a very important topic in today’s world, bullying. You see information about it everywhere, and at times it feels like we are bombarded with how to handle the bullying going on today. This book takes a unique approach to this subject. Telling the story of how a new girl got bullied, from the view point of a girl who used to get picked on.

Along with teaching students the parts of a story and why they are important, it also teaches the different types of words and how they are used. Some of the important examples are adjectives and suspense. Putting these terms in words children today will understand, within a story they can relate to and will want to read, makes this book a wonderful way for children to learn.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book for any child in school, and parents of those children. I feel that this is an important story that could help many kids.


*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House for this review. All opinions are my own*


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