Christmas Quiet-Review

Title: Christmas Quiet: Receiving the Gift of His Presence: A 25-Day Devotional Coloring Book

Author: Maisie Sparks and Illustrations by Lauren Younis

Description from the publisher:

“Receive the gift of God’s peaceful presence for Christmas while enjoying this uplifting devotional coloring book for 25 days.
In the 25 days leading up to Christmas you will deepen your awareness of God’s loving presence and rejoice in the gift of your Savior by pausing daily to immerse yourself in these uplifting devotions, faith-building exercises, and peaceful coloring pages. Enjoy the true essence of the holiday as never before as you draw closer to God with this book.


  • 25 powerful devotions that can be read in five minutes and provide lasting inspiration,
  • 25 reflective questions and thoughtful activities that deepen the experience of each devotion, and
  • 25 gorgeous holiday coloring pages to enjoy whenever you like.”


Review: This is a wonderful devotional adult coloring book. It brings parts of the Bible into devotionals and then coloring pages you can use to reflect on the passages. It really brings new life to the words we read so often. I really enjoy this book. It’s a nice relaxing way to end the day. When I feel stressed it’s so nice to be able to grab this book, read a passage and the devotional and then get lost in the drawing and contemplation of what the passages are really about.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves adult coloring books and want’s a deeper connection with the Bible.

* I received a copy of this book from Hachette Book Group in exchange for my honest review.*




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