Daughters of the Bride

Daughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery follows three sisters in the months before their mothers wedding. Rachel is the eldest who has trouble relying on others or asking for help, a character flaw which helped lead to the failure of her marriage. Sienna is the middle child who has had two broken engagements and is more focused on her work than love. Courtney is the baby of the family and after dropping out of high school and running away is trying to get her life back in order without any help from her family.
As these sisters, and their mother of course, get ready for the big day, they all must be brave and face what their decisions will do to everyone around them.

This book was so wonderful, I really did not want it to end. The characters were so unique and well developed that I forgot I didn’t actually know them. I was rooting for all of them and felt each victory as though it were my own. I loved how they each developed more and more as the story went on and how their interactions with each other shifted as time went on.

This book was so well organized, having section dividers between each person’s point of view. I never got confused as to who I was reading about at that time. They layout and plot was so well put together that I never got lost.

This book became one of my favorite books. This is my first Susan Mallery book and it is definitely not my last. I am so excited to read her other books now. I just hope they are all as good as this one was.

I recommend this book to anyone! Although it has more female attributes, I think even some men would appreciate this book.


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