Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer: A True Story of Loss, Faith, and Unexpected Grace

Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer: A True Story of Loss, Faith, and Unexpected Grace by Kate Grosmaire, Nancy French (Contributor) is about the murder of Ann Grosmarie by her fiancé Conor during an argument in 2010. It follows the family through the loss of their daughter and then the forgiveness and seeking proper justice.

This book was very well written and organized. I was hooked from the beginning and did not want to put it down. Packed full of emotion, it was like I was experiencing this loss along with Kate and Andy. I liked how it was not only the story of what happened after she was shot, but I got to glimpse into their lives to truly understand who these people are and why they believe and react as they do. We could all learn a lot from their ability to forgive the man who killed their daughter. If they can forgive him for that, why do the rest of us find it so difficult to forgive people for the little things they do to wrong us?

Another lesson we could take from this book is to never take anyone for granted. You never know when the last time you saw someone would truly be the last time, Kate and Andy certainly didn’t. Life can change in an instant and we would all be better off if we remembered this and treated our loved ones like we may never see them again.

This book was filled with Catholic faith and their experience with God. There were many times that they felt God’s presence and times when they even heard God’s voice and saw Jesus. Kate’s descriptions of these times made me feel like I was truly there, experiencing them as well.

I would recommend this book to anyone. This is a thought changing book that everyone should have to read, just as a reminder of how to be a good person.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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