Honor Thyself

Honor Thyself by Danielle Steel is about a woman trying to find answers to her past by going on vacation back to Paris but when she is a victim of a terrorist attack while there, the answers come to her. When she wakes up from a coma and cannot remember anything about herself, she has to rely on her friends and family to fill her in and let her know who she is. What she doesn’t expect is to find healing along with her answers.

I thought this story was very interesting. I started reading this book while I was waiting for another book to come in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself intrigued by the story and wanting to keep reading. I love Danielle Steel’s stories even though I find her writing style irksome at times. This book was no different. There wasn’t a whole lot of complexity or drama but that is not what one expects from Danielle Steel. I pick up her books when I need something simple with a happy ending. There was a lot about Paris and the French so at times I felt as though I was there myself. I could feel myself relaxing at the Ritz or shopping in the stores. It was a nice summer vacation.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loved Danielle Steel or who wants a quick easy read or who wants to visit Paris without having to leave home.


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