Wings by Danielle Steel is about a young girl named Cassie who discovers her love of flying from her WWI Veteran father and his airport. Set in the 1930’s, Cassie is faced with an unsupportive father who doesn’t think women can be pilots. Nick, her father’s friend and employee at the airport, becomes her mentor and close friend and maybe something a little more?

Anyone who reads Danielle Steel knows that you have to go into her novels knowing that there will be times when her writing will be redundant. This was no exception, there were times when I got extremely frustrated with how it was written and wanted to rewrite the whole thing myself. However, her stories are wonderful. I had to take a deep breath and remember the story line. Once I was able to ignore how much that stuff bothered me, it was an incredible book. If you are the kind of person who cannot read anything that is not perfectly written, then this is not a book for you. On the other hand, if you can move past it you will not be sorry. This book is not for everyone but for those of us able to forget the little annoyances, it is worth it.


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