Mitford Series Review

The Mitford Series is a set of 11 fiction books by author Jan Karon. The books are centered around Father Tim, an Episcopal Rector in a  small town in the mountains of North Carolina named Mitford. Father Tim starts out as a happy bachelor but soon a dog “the size of a sofa” starts following him everywhere, a redheaded boy needing a home winds up on his door, and a beautiful woman moves in next door. Before long, Father Tim questions his choice for bachelorhood and what true happiness really feels like. Although they follow Father Tim closely, you get to experience the whole small town full of colorful characters and delicious sounding food that will leave you hungry for months.

These books are a wholesome read that will leave you feeling better about the world around you. I started reading these books when I was feeling down in the dumps due to a cold winter and stressful time in my life. They truly reminded me how wonderful people can be.You will not soon forget the characters or the town that Jan Karon so carefully paints, nor will you want to. By the time you finish the series you will find yourself homesick for a town you feel you have lived in for months and miss people you have never really met.

I feel that my life has truly changed after reading this series. In a world of constant struggle and violence, it was a refreshing read. I would recommend this series to anybody who wants to restore hope and find a better outlook on life.



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